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With Julien DEBONTRIDDER and Monique De Hert

Working for the courts and the prosecutor's office


In that connection, we saught evidence of burning the car lights in fatal and severe traffic accidents. See the pictures we add in this regard. If the fracture surface of a filament (inside the lamp of a car or any other vehicle) is rounded and spherical, the lamp was burning during impact. If the fracture surface is rough and oblique with sharp edges, the lamp did not burn at the moment of the shock.

The KAGM connection


The KAGM connection. I'm still member of a hobby club at Antwerp (Belgium). Look the fly's, ants, butterfly's, pollen, radiolaria......



Machines working with magnetic lenses are a little bit more complicated than light microscopes.....



Sound machines and pipe organs


Take a look at our self made sound machines. They work with the MIDI protocol (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).